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This collection of Musings is intended as a mix of fun and serious stuff. Maybe itll be a bit provocative and we can talk about things. Sometimes you will see opinions, occasionally just observations about subjects I find to be interesting, and often I just pose questions for YOU to ponder. My hope is that you will leave a comment when you find something of interest, whether it excites you or makes your hair stand on end. Your Musings are as important as mine, probably more so. Feel free to drop a little Link Luv on anything you like by clicking one of the sharing links. My amateur radio (ham) activities are mainly posted at

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I am Guilford Gil Jones of Marble Falls, Texas.  By education and vocation(s) I am a CPA/Attorney/Judge who also happens to have a lot of hobbies and interests. I am a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin (BBA 66 and JD 73). I grew up in West Texas with wonderful parents and a sister whos not so bad either. Domestically Im married with children and grandchildren but all of that will stay private. As of 1/1/2013 I will be a retired Texas State District Judge and started a new career as a mediator.

Probably more than you ever wanted to know is in a short bio.

Sometimes well talk here about things that just interest me and perhaps also you, and sometimes about things that excite me in either a positive or negative way. I hope some folks will come along and join in and all I ask is that the discussion stay respectful, even if we disagree.

There are also pages of some of my hobbies and adventures which I hope might entertain you.

Im a bit of a hobby nut at heart, including BMW motorcycles, computers, ham radio, kayak fishing, photography and hiking, and well talk about some of those things from time to time. In 2010 I started a running program to get fit and lose weight, and now its become an addiction. UPDATE: the addiction is now cycling. Mostly road bike, some mountain bike.

I also enjoy digital photography, some of which is found at

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14 thoughts on “about gil & this blog

  1. Jack Frazee

    Been looking for the story about Mark Twain suing a judge way back when over a property and tax issue. Read it once but now can’t find it again. Any help?

  2. Jacque Eagon

    recommended by Ann & Carl Ragsdale. trying to subscribe. Ann tells me you’ve fixed a glitch in the subscription process.

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  4. Terry Purdy

    Google found you because I have it picking up tidbits on the net ever since she was decommissioned.

    I too was out there on the “Hawk” from ’67 to ’69. I got to leave her almost every day as I was a Naval Aviator flying “The Hawkeye” with VAW-114. I’ll have to get out the cruise books out and see what you looked like as a “kid”.

    (Added trivia) Did you know that a local soccer team wants to sod the deck this summer and play matches aboard the “Hawk” in Bremerton?

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