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Been busy

but that’s not really a good excuse for not writing. Between flunking retirement, the weather, and various distractions I’m not cycling, not flying the hexacopter, not fishing and not kayaking. Ham radio has recently...

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I hate timeshare postal scams!

Apparently a new one going around. It comes from the “Award Verification Center” in North Richland Hills, Tx and has quite a spiel on the backside (click the thumbnail on the right).  Do a little online searching and...

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Baseball missed the pitch

In the recent baseball game where pitcher Armando Galarraga was cheated of a perfect game due to a blown call (YouTube video here), the baseball commissioner had a chance to “do what’s right” … and he...

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Old Texas county courthouses

More snow, a day later Originally uploaded by CaptainJustice I have a few courthouse photos and hope to add those to my Flickr site, and to add to the collection. I just wish I’d had the idea of a book of Texas courthouses...

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Are we still alive at 65?

Hell yeah! And what a trip it’s been getting here (in another month or so, for me). I unashamedly quote from an email by my friend Don who set out exactly what it means to the group now reaching the mid-sixties. I could...

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