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Route 66 travel

The following was taken from an IBMWR posting by Frank Glamser: Quote: The original Route 66 number was assigned in 1926 as the highway from Chicago to Los Angeles. It connected small towns all along the way providing for...

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Big Bend on the Beemer 1999

This is a copy/paste from the old website on my 1999 trip to Big Bend on the then new Beemer. That was about 95,000 miles ago. I hope the links work. If not, the original stuff is here: http://dajudge.us/bbend.htm and I’ll...

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My maps

(this posting may need work … this is an old posting that is being pulled into WordPress) Playing with maps. The first link below is from www.mapbuilder.net. This is all an experiment (isn’t life?) and the map is a...

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Colorado 12 passes tour

(the originally intended route is further down) 12 Passes Trip Via Jones Valley Click here for photo gallery. My 12-Passes trip began with a trek to Jones Valley in Arkansas for the annual family reunion. July 1 Left home 7 Am....

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