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Pres. Obama’s Ice Cream lie

This from a former law school lecturer in constitutional law: “You can imagine, if you are a Hispanic American in Arizona …” the president said Tuesday at a campaign-style appearance in Iowa, “suddenly,...

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The Will of Herman Obelweiss

Why you should be nice to your relatives, especially the older ones … WILL OF HERMAN OBELWEISS I am writing of my will mineselluf that dam lawyer want he should have too much money, he asked to many answers about family....

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Let’s not forget the “rule of law”

This is a constitutional matter, not just a choice or matter of preference. The issue is fundamental to our personal liberties. It’s all too easy to blast a now-unpopular politician, but the same principle applies to the ordinary citizen accused of a wrong-doing.

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Bibliography of Philosophical Works

I found this on a blog that looks interesting, if deep. It’s Punishment Theory which is touted as a group blog on criminal law and philosophy. Leans left, which means it should at a minimum be thought-provoking. Below...

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