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U.S.S. Kitty Hawk

As you will read in some of these postings, I spent a couple of years aboard the ‘Hawk. The immediate purpose of this page is to set out some reference sources about one of the greatest attack aircraft carriers the US Navy has had, and which was decommissioned in 2009 after 49 years in service.

Links to some good information on the “Hawk.”  Note: she was a “CVA” during my two tours, and later was re-designated as a “CV” to recognize her later special purpose.

USS Kitty Hawk (CV(A)-63) Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships, Naval History and Heritage Command

Wikipedia article.

USS Kitty Hawk Veterans Association – a private association with a good photo collection.

Command histories:  1967, 1968, 1969

USS Pueblo/Yorktown story – more later

USS Pueblo crew site – the seizure of which impacted the Kitty Hawk and will be written about later.

USS Yorktown recovery of first moonwalk astronauts – which the ‘Hawk did not get to do 🙁

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