Should the Senate give Obama’s SCOTUS nominee a hearing?

US Supreme Court building, front elevation, st...
US Supreme Court building, front elevation, steps and portico. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Republican-led Senate has declared it will not give a hearing to any Obama SCOTUS nominee. They variously cite the “Biden rules” and the “Schumer rules” wherein those senators have in the past declared that Republican presidents in the last year of their term should not do exactly what Obama threatens to do. Should the Senate give Obama‘s SCOTUS nominee a hearing? Continue reading “Should the Senate give Obama’s SCOTUS nominee a hearing?”

Democrats are Gruberized

Democrats are Gruberized and they can’t brush it off or wash it off. “Gruberized” is the newest verb/adjective in the lexicon and the Democrat Party, the whole party, has been Gruberized. President Obama and every Democrat who touted and voted for the “Affordable” Care Act (ACA) is trying to run from the comments of Professor Jonathan Gruber by accusing the GOP of “fanning the flames” of his comments. No, quite the contrary. Continue reading “Democrats are Gruberized”

Cloward-Piven Assault on the Border

The Cloward-Piven assault. Calling it a strategy gives it undue legitimacy. This is the best single article explaining the nature and origin of Obama’s “Hope and Change” that I have ever seen. It explains the purpose and tactic fundamental to the destruction of America that Obama and the Progressive left are overseeing. Continue reading “Cloward-Piven Assault on the Border”

The fog of disclosure: Why we must see the visuals, but never will

Killing of bin Laden deserves to be fully recorded and reported.

Historic events in the life of a nation deserve to be chronicled, accurately and completely. The dispatching of Usama Bin Laden is one of those events. We must see the photos and videos (however gory they may be) for two reasons: (1) that is the modern and preferred medium for historical records, and (2) the disclosure of facts has been so “foggy” that the warm sunlight must now be brought to bear upon the events to clear the fog. Continue reading “The fog of disclosure: Why we must see the visuals, but never will”

Those who don’t know their history, are ….

A president steeped in history would have never pushed ObamaCare on so thin a reed of public approval. In the great movement of American history, Americans haven’t worshipped at the altar of charismatic leadership. They have been the most skeptical of peoples. They may have trusted several of their presidents through wars and economic downturns, but they have insisted on the wisdom of the public and on the ability of this republic of laws and institutions—and precedent—to see its way out of great dangers.

via Fouad Ajami: Obama’s Presidency Joins the Fray –

Great article which succinctly explains so much about this president. It’s good analysis, not a political hatchet job.  It also explains a lot about this country and foretells something of what the next couple of years may look like. Continue reading “Those who don’t know their history, are ….”