Watching the end-game of one’s career

With strange pulses of feelings racing through my mind I realize that this is the end-game. Having been on the bench approaching 16 years I finally realize the fruits of my decision last year.

Republican Party (United States)

It is election day, 2012, for the State of Texas primaries. The Republican Primary will, in about 45 minutes, have chosen my successor. Of course, we won’t know that answer for perhaps another two hours beyond that.

The decision not to run again was always one of mixed feelings because I still enjoy the work. But I am doing what I said at the outset I would do, and that is to leave in this state of mind rather than waiting to become one of the grouchy displeased judges who stayed too long. Why risk having any feeling about a career like this other than “wow, that was a wonderful, privileged thing to do for my community,” why indeed?

But today it’s very real. My replacement will become known and my slow trek out of the abyss of judicial isolation will begin in earnest. It’s the end-game.

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