Felt like Fall, so let’s ride the Fall Creek Loop

I stepped outside at 6am and it was a mere 60 degrees! Wow, fall may be on the way. Big  plans had been made for a cycling adventure with Don Bynum, Richard Golladay, Mike Clark and anyone else who might show up. First stop: take on fuel at Atwoods Cafe. Whole grain pancakes with sugar-free syrup and two strips of turkey bacon. Oh, and the usual dose of BS with my coffee, but I digress.

The route was RR2147 East to Burnet CR404 and the “back way” toward Spicewood, then CR408 crossing TX71, then Fall Creek Rd around to TX71 again, couple of miles on TX71 to the Paleface Ranch Rd (f/k/a Haynie Flat Rd), winding up at Opie’s BBQ in Spicewood. Lunch, then CR404 returning to the starting point. Continue reading “Felt like Fall, so let’s ride the Fall Creek Loop”