Ouch! Why can’t more people see and understand this arrogance?

Found the following clip about a president who is presumptuous and more.  Snubbing allies (like the president of the former Russian state of Georgia) and even now snubbing his adoring media; juxtaposed with ever-more stories such as a woman who walked into the hospital for an operation only to be told that her insurance did not cover something to which she replied “oh, that’s ok, the health bill passed yesterday.”  This then becomes the question: do the “takers” just take, gladly, and don’t care about the actions of the President otherwise, or are they ignorant in their handout bliss?

The following piece from neo-neocon paints a disturbing, and apparently accurate picture.  And with considerable irony regarding the “main stream” media.

But “presumptuous,” although correct, doesn’t begin to cover it as a descriptor for Obama. Arrogant and condescending, yes. But this is a man who no longer tries to hide it any more. This is the power trip of an egomaniac who knows the press has rendered itself toothless and impotent in his wake, and who assumes that its members will never strike back no matter how he treats them—or, if one or two do, he intends to hit them back twice as hard.

Lots of presidents haven’t liked the press. But usually that’s been because the press has been hostile to them. Obama reverses this—he’s hostile because the press has been so obsequious to him, and because he’s secretive, and because he has contempt for them and thinks he can quite literally get away with anything. That’s what happens when the press abdicates its responsibility to tell the truth in as objective a manner as possible. A power-mad thug gets elected, and if he acts thuggish to them, they can hardly complain.

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