Tasks: Paper vs. iPhone (and other PDA’s)

Among the world’s leading productivity tools is an advanced technology known as paper. Many of the world’s top corporations and most active internet users have adopted paper as a method of organizing their daily lives. When they think of something they need to do, they write it down on a piece of paper and keep that piece of paper with them.

I found this quite interesting. Having once, as early as 1983, set out on the quest for a paperless office (I know, I know, I was quite deluded at the time) and having now owned at least six PDA’s of various sizes, shapes and flavors (not to mention functionality), this blog is meaningful.

How DO we get things done? I’ve not tried this yet, but the article suggests

Just go to gmail.com/tasks from your phone’s browser and log in.

Haven’t tried it yet and have no idea of the functionality, but the idea of the never-ending quest for the perfect organizing tool leads me onward ….