P.J. O’Rourke on the Scourge of Bike Lanes – WSJ.com

Bicycle lane sign in New York City
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The bicycle is a parody of a wheeled vehicle—a donkey cart without the cart, where you do the work of the donkey. Although the technology necessary to build a bicycle has been around since ancient Egypt, bikes didn’t appear until the 19th century. The reason it took mankind 5,000 years to get the idea for the bicycle is that it was a bad idea. The bicycle is the only method of conveyance worse than feet. You can walk up three flights of stairs carrying one end of a sofa. Try that on a bicycle.

via P.J. O’Rourke on the Scourge of Bike Lanes – WSJ.com.

The whole article is worth a read. Of course, I strongly disagree with his position in its entirety but especially for his lack of attention to the health benefits of bicycling, including cycling to work. On that score he offers the following:

A good, hard-played game of Mother-May-I will make us all more physically fit. Fitness being another reason given for cluttering our cities with bike lanes. But why is it so important that the public be fit? Fit for what? Are they planning to draft us into forced labor battalions?

A clever, if misguided, piece.