Givers versus Takers: which are you? Why does the question matter?

[no_toc]Having grown up in a traditional extended family that included many servants of mankind (teachers, doctors, district attorney, preachers and more) and yet lived through the 60’s at the University of Texas and endured the indignation cast upon me and my fellow Viet Nam veterans, I think I know something about Givers versus Takers.  Continue reading “Givers versus Takers: which are you? Why does the question matter?”

The world owes me … everything

Who is ready to hire him?

(The original author doesn’t) personally know the man in the photo, but it’s not difficult to figure out a few things about him. One, like many in the occupational protest army, he probably considers himself a non-conformist. Hence, all that expensive ink on his arms. Question: Did any of his student loan money pay for any of that ink? If so, his government loan shark might like to have words with him.

Source:  The PJ Tatler » A Second Open Letter to the So-Called ’99%’ ( accessed 10/6/2011) Continue reading “The world owes me … everything”