Oatmeal is good for you, especially on a cool fall bike ride


Sometimes we just get lucky and have time for a cycling adventure on a crisp pre-fall morning.  60 degrees at the start and 77 degrees three hours later — it doesn’t get better!

There are so many good routes to take in Burnet and Llano counties that it is sometimes hard to decide. My time limit of three hours and John Chalmers (we being a couple of the HillyBikers) suggestion of the “Oatmeal Loop” fostered a quick launch that direction. Heck, it’s not the destination or even the route, it’s the ride that matters.  Continue reading “Oatmeal is good for you, especially on a cool fall bike ride”

I do love October

As long as you can sneak in between the little cold fronts that start whipping down this way, October in Central Texas is a month during which you can do just about anything outdoors you think you’re big enough to do.  Well, maybe not a lot of swimming. Like yard work (yuk!), motorcycling, fishing, running, and today it was perfect for a bike ride on a new route. Continue reading “I do love October”