College jocks who bail early: bad. Caution: rant zone.

Caution <rant mode on>. College athletes on scholarship who leave early for the pros really tick me off.  It’s not fair to a LOT of people, and it’s purely selfish.

For every athlete who got a scholarship there was another who did not. The scholarship athlete is then depended on by:   teammates (especially if he’s good enough to go pro early), fans, the entire program for his sport, and in the case of Division I football, the entire athletic program and school.  He has used school (and for a state school public) money to live and play on.  He has been afforded a privileged life and status on campus.

And then he leaves.  All of the above are cheated.  He gets big bucks.  I propose he should pay back, immediately out of his signing bonus, not only his entire four year scholarship (including the year he did not use) plus the cost of three more.

I understand the athlete’s decision:  go pro as soon as able or stay in college and run the risk of getting hurt, but remain loyal to the deal he made.  Should he (A) run for the money now, or (B) keep his word?  It’s that simple, in my simple mind, and I know which is the right answer.

<rant mode off>

Have a nice life.