Coast-to-coast motorcycle ride — in 1924 no less!

Here’s a superb story about a 1924 coast to coast ride on an Indian Scout. Here’s the teaser

Phil, or rather Phillip N. Gooding, is a Baltimore Transit Company man.
Along towards the end of last May Superintendent Martin told Phil that
he might have a vacation, and the young man, who had always had an
intense desire to see some parts of America, decided to hop on his
trusty motorcycle and go from one end of the land to the other. So, on
May 30th he started on the trip that was destined to occupy 65 days and
to cover 9,478 miles. It was an adventure full of interest, and

It’s a great read. What an adventure!

The first motorcycle

Well, the first for just sporting pleasure, was a Honda CB750-4. Bought in 1978 when some friends in Big Spring with whom I had been riding trails and enduro machines suggested I join them in a trip to Pikes Peak. It was Labor Day 1978 and we made it to the top of Pikes Peak although the carburator fed motors were struggling mightily. More about the trip later, if I think of it, but here is a YouTube clip of the CB750. All that they say is true — it was a truly sweet machine.