Why government needs to get out of our way — an example

The following article is a great example of why government does not need to go further out of its way to “help” us. Never mind the issue of the “entitlement” culture that government has created, but then they fail at giving all to everyone.

“Medicaid provides coverage to poor and disabled Americans, many of whom face the highest burden of chronic disease owing to cultural and socioeconomic challenges. The program beats being uninsured, but it often relegates the poor to inferior care.

Reimbursement rates are so low, and billing the program so complicated, that it is hard for internists like me to get beneficiaries access to specialized care or timely interventions. For my patients as well, many of whom are uneducated or don’t speak English, Medicaid is replete with paperwork, regulations and rejections that make the program hard to navigate.”

via Scott Gottlieb: What Medicaid Tells Us About Government Health Care – WSJ.com.