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[no_toc]I love this site. It is chock full of situations we’ve all noticed, if not experienced. You may find a jewel in here that helps you to understand your own behavior or that of people around you. Ever observed Learned Helplessness? Have you been guilty of Learned Helplessness?

What is Learned Helplessness?

Studies of the clinically depressed show that when they fail they often just give in to defeat and stop trying. The average person will look for external forces to blame when they fail the mid-term. They will say the professor is an asshole, or they didn’t get enough sleep. Depressed people will blame themselves and assume they are stupid.

Do you vote? If not, is it because you think it doesn’t matter because things never change, or politicians are evil on both sides, or one vote in several million doesn’t count? Yeah, that’s learned helplessness.

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