How did I end up in law school?

U-Texas-LawIt was not hard, I just fell into it. I was married with two children and had a fabulous job with Arthur Andersen & Co., the No. 1 international accounting firm in the world. That was the early spring of 1971 in Houston. In June I was in Austin, enrolled in law school. How did I end up in law school you ask? Continue reading “How did I end up in law school?”

How to avoid becoming a lawyer

University of Texas School of Law
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As you may know, it did not work out that way. But it was not due to a lack of trying on my part. I think subconsciously that since my dad was a lawyer, I wanted to “do my own thing.”  I had taken a passing interest in electronics and my maternal grandfather, Ernest A. Moritz, was a rather famous engineer so, therefore, I set off to the University of Texas in 1962 to become an electrical engineer. Made sense, right? Continue reading “How to avoid becoming a lawyer”