Internet disruption (Ddos) as civil disobedience re: Wikileaks (the site continues to get many comments, some quite thoughtful).

Wikileaks aka Cablegate presents many questions including political, constitutional, legal and moral- – just to name a few. This thoughtful article examines several portions of those debates.

I predict that the generated discussions surrounding the fact of the leaks will surpass and long outlive the discussions of the leaks themselves.

Should the Government Control Internet Standards? – ReadWriteWeb

One role of the government is to protect the country and make its citizens feel safe through policy and regulation. But in today’s digital era, policy making is moving to the people, and we are witnessing individual corporations – be they for profit or not – getting more involved in Internet standards.

via Should the Government Control Internet Standards? – ReadWriteWeb.

If you read this snippet, either on my blog or on Facebook, you have a stake in this discussion. Facebook in particular is discussed in the article. The big players in the future of the internet are squabbling over how your browser will work with different sites and how you will log in on the sites you visit. The article is only moderately “geeky.”