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The 16-year-old girl, smitten with her adult boyfriend, e-mailed him naked pictures of herself. When she wanted to break up with Clarence Hurt of Terrace Park, Ohio, though, he threatened to share those pictures with the world in cyberspace unless she had sex with him.

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Others are starting to do programs such as that which we recently enjoyed in Burnet County. So kudos to Eddie Arredondo and Kathryn McAnally at the County Attorney’s office, and our Juvenile Probation Dept. for the 33rd/424th Juvenile Districts headed by Marc Bittner, Juvenile Chief. Continue reading “Families get the 411 on sexting risk – USATODAY.com”

How your Facebook friends can know WHERE you’re doing what you should not be doing ….

So, everyone’s excited about the new Facebook Places, right? The Facebook service that lets you check-in, Foursquare style, at whatever hip Sushi bar/bicycle repair shop you happen to be in. Oh, and also other people can check you in, too.

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This is a “must read” sort of article. Ignore at your own peril.