Dishonest politics refuted again by Burnet County voters

Just as with the 2014 Republican primary that saw the big city machine style dishonest politics put down, Burnet County voters spoke up and spoke out again in the resounding defeat of J.P. Wilson by Calvin Boyd in the County Sheriff’s race.  Continue reading “Dishonest politics refuted again by Burnet County voters”

Oatmeal is good for you, especially on a cool fall bike ride


Sometimes we just get lucky and have time for a cycling adventure on a crisp pre-fall morning.  60 degrees at the start and 77 degrees three hours later — it doesn’t get better!

There are so many good routes to take in Burnet and Llano counties that it is sometimes hard to decide. My time limit of three hours and John Chalmers (we being a couple of the HillyBikers) suggestion of the “Oatmeal Loop” fostered a quick launch that direction. Heck, it’s not the destination or even the route, it’s the ride that matters.  Continue reading “Oatmeal is good for you, especially on a cool fall bike ride”

When is enough, enough?

Possibly never? Or way too late? When a person has been involved in a profession, business, public service, or elected office is it possible to fall into that infamous slot similar to fish or company overstaying a welcome? Of course it is. Do we all know someone who should have hung it up sooner? You betcha. 

Avoiding that possibility was, of course, one of the reasons that I decided to retire from the active bench at the end of this term. The other reason for (semi) retirement at this point is that had I served another term I would have been almost 73 at then end of that one and that is getting a little late to start into something else. What sort of something else? Stay tuned …. And then there are the hobbies … more time needed there and with family.

Let’s be clear:  I still enjoy my work and continue to be grateful for this opportunity at public service. I cannot state my reasons and rationale any more clearly than in my recent press conference/announcement so that will be repeated here. Continue reading “When is enough, enough?”