How did I end up in law school?

U-Texas-LawIt was not hard, I just fell into it. I was married with two children and had a fabulous job with Arthur Andersen & Co., the No. 1 international accounting firm in the world. That was the early spring of 1971 in Houston. In June I was in Austin, enrolled in law school. How did I end up in law school you ask? Continue reading “How did I end up in law school?”

Should the Senate give Obama’s SCOTUS nominee a hearing?

US Supreme Court building, front elevation, st...
US Supreme Court building, front elevation, steps and portico. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Republican-led Senate has declared it will not give a hearing to any Obama SCOTUS nominee. They variously cite the “Biden rules” and the “Schumer rules” wherein those senators have in the past declared that Republican presidents in the last year of their term should not do exactly what Obama threatens to do. Should the Senate give Obama‘s SCOTUS nominee a hearing? Continue reading “Should the Senate give Obama’s SCOTUS nominee a hearing?”

Dishonest politics refuted again by Burnet County voters

Just as with the 2014 Republican primary that saw the big city machine style dishonest politics put down, Burnet County voters spoke up and spoke out again in the resounding defeat of J.P. Wilson by Calvin Boyd in the County Sheriff’s race.  Continue reading “Dishonest politics refuted again by Burnet County voters”

GOP Stupidity — really now

GOP stupidity threatens to ensure a democrat victory.

A divisive battle is brewing in the Republican Party over the potential nomination of Donald Trump, as some party leaders warn they won’t back him and could support third-party or write-in candidates.


Continue reading “GOP Stupidity — really now”

Ban the incompetent child, not guns

The incompetent child

An incompetent child is one who grows to the age of adulthood without the coping skills to be an adult in a complex world — one that requires the utmost in personal responsibility. My definition. So what.

It is the incompetent child — regardless of chronological age — who causes harm in society and the reason why is simple. That person is under stress trying to exist in the face of family issues, financial difficulties, and just the burdens some people face getting through the day. The incompetent child will, as a coping mechanism, turn to drugs and alcohol or, increasingly, find solace in gang affiliation. Sometimes that gang is the Islamic Jihad. Continue reading “Ban the incompetent child, not guns”

I can solve the federal budget

I’m serious. I can solve the federal budget problem without cutting any essential programs. This is a simplistic article espousing what we all know and feel. But writing it will make me feel better, and maybe it will prompt someone to speak up, to write a letter, or to discuss the problem with a neighbor. I/you/we can solve the federal budger. Here’s how. Continue reading “I can solve the federal budget”

Anchor babies: a humane, fair and practical solution

This baby is one month old.
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Firstly, I do not here argue the point of whether the 14th Amendment really does or does not confer citizenship on a baby born on American soil to non-citizens. Another day perhaps.

Secondly, I appreciate the fact that America is populated by immigrants (as with my own ancestors, i.e. John Jones from Wales) and appreciate those who continue to come here for good reasons and do good work when they are here. I understand perfectly well why a couple would want to get here and have their baby here in order to confer citizenship. But it is unfair to those who immigrate legally, and to U.S. citizens, to stop there. What I propose is a way to confer citizenship on that baby in a more rational way and to encourage the parents to become citizens. Continue reading “Anchor babies: a humane, fair and practical solution”