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Fredricksburg and Lady Bird Johnson Park

Why are we here?

A funny thing happened on the way to Lost Maples State Natural Area. Jennifer discovered a downside to her promotion in her IT job at PEC (1) — the occasional need to be in constant contact. At Lost Maples that was not going to happen so here we are, and we like it. Not the wilderness but quite pleasant.

The Brewery

Last night took us to one of my favorite F’burg places: The Brewery. And there I had something you just can’t get everywhere, a Scotch Egg. That was topped off by a shared slice of German Chocolate Cheesecake and here are the remnants of same. Jennifer looked at me once the goodies were gone, and with the straightest of faces said “I really want to lick the plate.” Sometimes I’m not really certain if she is kidding. I really think she was serious — and I would have fought her for it!


Hey, it’s a mini-vacation and the rules are different, right?


Lady Bird Johnson Municipal (RV) Park

Just as soon as we pulled into our assigned spot — near the WiFi so Jennifer could “phone home” — I heard the throaty roar of a not-necessarily-modern aircraft. Looking up, I saw a WWII vintage AT-6 trainer lifting off of the North-South runway right in front of the coach.

In the photo at left (click to enlarge) you see the FBO (2) and hangars across the airfield. You can the see front of the coach facing the airport and we will have a front row seat for the airshow on Saturday. We had a pretty good show on Friday with many takeoffs and landings.


The Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park is a complex that any community would be proud to have. Here is their description which sums it up nicely:


The crown jewel of Fredericksburg’s recreational parks is the 150 acre Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park. Rolling hills and rambling Live Oak Creek set the stage for a beautiful day. It is a place to rest, relax and enjoy nature. Five pavilions (four with barbecue pits) serve as the spot for birthday parties, class and family reunions, school field trips, weddings and more. Baseball/softball fields are available for a casual game or can be reserved. A sand volleyball court and outdoor basketball courts are available. The park offers a beautiful setting for large and small groups no matter the occasion. Located 3 miles south of downtown off of Hwy. 16 S.


It also has Live Oak Creek running through and around the park with fishing and boating available. I do just happen to have both fly and spinning gear with me but it’s quite windy this morning and that presents a problem with my level of fly rod prowess.

National Museum of the Pacific War

a/k/a The Admiral Nimitz Museum. We have been here before, several times, but this was the most fantastic trip of all. Why? Because for a change we had time to really soak in the experience — yet still not near enough time. But the best part was seeing the fantastic additions added since we were here last: the display of the life of Fleet Admiral Nimitz and the George H.W. Bush Gallery, in particular. There was note also that the outdoor — combat zone — exhibit was now open after a major overhaul.

We spent a lot of time, about three hours, in the Gallery alone and could have use five hours. The exhibit has hundreds of photos and artifacts walking you through the timeline of the entire Pacific War. Ceiling-high murals, an actual captured mini-sub, a B-25 and a F4F Wildcat, and more. Letters and artifacts from servicemen both U.S. and Japanese are carefully displayed and explained.

I can’t describe it all. Go see it.

  1. Pedernales Electric Co-Op
  2. Fixed Base Operation — the operator of a small airport

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