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‘Time to Fight Back’: Pirro is right!

I know, her voice is irritating and she can be overly dramatic, but I would gladly repeat everything Judge Jeanine said. The assault on free speech is alarming. As far as UC-Berkeley is concerned, I don’t know if the February riots were by students or George Soros/BLM imports. Perhaps someone knows.

The issue is NOT a political one. It is about a constitutional right that everyone has and should appreciate regardless of where you are in the left-right divide. The issue is not political, but it has been co-opted and corrupted for political gain — but that’s a separate issue.

Most universities are, and have been for a long time, inhabited largely by left-leaning professors. It’s bad enough that they have the bully-pulpit of the classroom, [box] If you can’t debate — just yell …[/box] but when campus thugs and street gangs resort to violence in order to stifle free speech then, as the Judge put it, it’s the death of free speech.

I need not say more because she said it all.  (Posted with love for James W.)



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