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Earth Day: Let’s do some Science

We have a debate going on climate change science. Let’s keep the debate going, but do it correctly.

[Today’s] March for Science will draw many thousands in support of evidence-based policy making and against the politicization of science. A concrete step toward those worthy goals would be to convene a “Red Team/Blue Team” process for climate science, one of the most important and contentious issues of our age.

Koonin, S. (2017, April 20). A ‘Red Team’ Exercise Would Strengthen Climate Science – WSJ. Retrieved from

If you really care about Earth Day, the Earth, climate change, global warming, or in particular, mankind’s contribution to climate change you will read this article. It is well-written and very strongly makes an important case: let’s use the scientific method and test it thoroughly before we declare a concensus. Before anyone declares “victory” over the topic. Let’s do the climate change science.

Red Team exercises are well-known and known to be effective in sorting out the facts, theories and opinions before coming to a conclusion. It is more effective than simple peer-review and with the climate change controversy, it would be especially effective since many of the studies appear to suffer from confirmation bias.

Climate change science needs to be just that: science. We now see a wide-spread touting of a 97% concensus that man contributes to climate change — and the usual hysterical argument conflates the arguments to morph into a statement that “climate change is caused by man.” All of it. Really? No, but how much of it? Enough to be concerned about? How much man contributes, how and why, and what really can and should be done about it should be the inquiry.

The side debate is whether the 97% concensus claim is real. See e.g. Ritchie, E. J. (2016, December 14). Fact Checking The Claim Of 97% Consensus On Anthropogenic Climate Change. Retrieved from

A Red Team exercise should sort that out. Let’s do it.

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