Just as with the 2014 Republican primary that saw the big city machine style dishonest politics put down, Burnet County voters spoke up and spoke out again in the resounding defeat of J.P. Wilson by Calvin Boyd in the County Sheriff’s race. 

The almost 2:1 margin (Boyd, 5,968; JP Wilson, 3,242)[1. Unofficial results] sends a message. If you tout qualifications that you don’t have, and if you take credit for things that other components of your city accomplished, the truth will come out and you will pay a price. If you wear a class ring from a college you never even attended, it offends the people who did attend and did the work — plus all the people who went to ANY college. If you go to a training that happens to be hosted at a university and then advertise it as if you attended that university, people figure that out and there is a backlash.

That’s dirty politics and now, two primaries in a row, Burnet County voters have soundly rejected that kind of race. So, anyone with local political aspirations should pay attention.