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GOP Stupidity — really now

GOP stupidity threatens to ensure a democrat victory.

A divisive battle is brewing in the Republican Party over the potential nomination of Donald Trump, as some party leaders warn they won’t back him and could support third-party or write-in candidates.


Independent candidate? 3rd Party (and what “party” would that be?) candidate? Write-in? An anybody-but-Trump Republican vote, really? What level of GOP stupidity is this?

So of those Republican “leaders” are not going to support Trump if he is the nominee, how many really want to ensure another four years of Obama-like assaults on the Constitution and our liberty? How in the world could any sane person have such an extreme prejudice against Trump to cut off our collective noses in spite of our faces is beyond my comprehension.

The reality is that no candidate other than one out of one of the major parties has any mathematical chance of winnng. None. Zero. Nada.

No, I don’t like Trump. But I like the prospect of either Bernie or Hillary a lot less. Yes, I’m embarrassed by Trump and the entire slate on both sides of the aisle (see The Ugly Americans) but a protest vote or failing to vote at all is borne out of nothing but a visceral reaction without thought.

I view the current state of the Republican party as I sometimes view the Episcopal Church — I may disagree with some (or even a lot) of what it is doing today but I’d rather fight that fight from within than to abandon ship onto a lifeboat in even worse seas.

It is easy to simply state two reasons to stay the Republican course:

  • Hillary (let’s face it, she will be the nominee) is just four more years of Obama-like desecration of the Constitution through executive orders 1 and more national debt (Obama will have doubled it). She has openly adopted all of her policies.
  • Hillary is an unabashed liar. It’s proven and many, many of her supporters simply don’t care because they’ve been promised more and more free “stuff.”

Let’s digress a moment and examine Hillary’s stance on the classified documents on her personal (unsecure) server. She says she never sent or received any that were marked classified at the time. FACT: there are thousands of classified emails on her server. Now then, she was the Secretary of State at the time of handling those emails. To hide behind the “not marked” argument is to admit the worst kind of incompetence possible for a Secretary of State. Who the hell should know what’s classified if she doesn’t? It either is or isn’t classified. She is saying it depends on what marked is marked (to borrow from Bill Clinton’s “depends on what “is” is).

That argument is so disingenuous as to amount to an outright lie. Yet, a huge number of Hillary supporters are willing to ignore that “clear and present danger” to our national security and, apparently, some Republicans are so mad about Trump that they would also ignore it and take action that would ensure Hillary’s election.

Give me a break. Wake up and grow up! Stop the GOP stupidity.2

  1. Yes, I know other presidents used them, a lot. But not in blatantly unconstitutional ways.
  2. By the way, my mother taught me not to call people “stupid” but sometimes there just is not a better word. William F. Buckley, Jr. I’m not.

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