Month: March 2016

How did I end up in law school?

It was not hard, I just fell into it. I was married with two children and had a fabulous job with Arthur Andersen & Co., the No. 1 international accounting firm in the world. That was the early spring of 1971 in Houston. In June I was in Austin, enrolled in law school. How did I end up in law school you ask? The background My father, Guilford L. Jones, Jr was a lawyer, and a damn good one. He had quite a reputation in my hometown of Big Spring, Texas. He spent 12 years in the DA’s office and a number of years thereafter in private practice. He was known, as I appreciated even as a youngster in the household, to have a bright grasp of the law but was known even more for his oratorical skills. But I was interested in “stuff.” I took things apart and my mother often swore that I didn’t get all of them put back together. I do recall rebuilding the motor in my 1954 Ford (in the carport, with the motor in the frame!) and having a few small parts left over. I tinkered with some electronics and I had another influence pull me away from the idea of being a lawyer. My maternal grandfather, Ernest A. Moritz, was a civil engineer of some repute — as the head of the Western...

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Should the Senate give Obama’s SCOTUS nominee a hearing?

The Republican-led Senate has declared it will not give a hearing to any Obama SCOTUS nominee. They variously cite the “Biden rules” and the “Schumer rules” wherein those senators have in the past declared that Republican presidents in the last year of their term should not do exactly what Obama threatens to do. Should the Senate give Obama‘s SCOTUS nominee a hearing? Precedent for a lame duck SCOTUS nominee? There is an interesting article on Teddy Roosevelt’s action in issuing an Executive Order to implement what he hoped would later become a treaty. And no, I don’t routinely read the Daily Kos but the article was pointed out to me by a slightly liberal cousin-in-law — every family should have at least one  🙂  Does this really constitute any sort of precedent? No, not as that term is understood in the law. A unilateral action even by a president when there is no legal precedent by a court does not create precedent. Do the declarations by Biden and Schumer constitute precedent? Before this year they certainly would have taken that position. Individual statements by Senators don’t create rules, much less binding precedent, but they are politically interesting. The politics The question of should the senate give Obama’s SCOTUS nominee a hearing is, of course, purely and simply a political question. A ploy, strategy or tactic of politics and nothing more. Politics really is...

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Dishonest politics refuted again by Burnet County voters

Just as with the 2014 Republican primary that saw the big city machine style dishonest politics put down, Burnet County voters spoke up and spoke out again in the resounding defeat of J.P. Wilson by Calvin Boyd in the County Sheriff’s race.  The almost 2:1 margin (Boyd, 5,968; JP Wilson, 3,242)1 sends a message. If you tout qualifications that you don’t have, and if you take credit for things that other components of your city accomplished, the truth will come out and you will pay a price. If you wear a class ring from a college you never even attended, it offends the people who did attend and did the work — plus all the people who went to ANY college. If you go to a training that happens to be hosted at a university and then advertise it as if you attended that university, people figure that out and there is a backlash. That’s dirty politics and now, two primaries in a row, Burnet County voters have soundly rejected that kind of race. So, anyone with local political aspirations should pay attention. Unofficial results ↩ Like this:Like...

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GOP Stupidity — really now

GOP stupidity threatens to ensure a democrat victory. A divisive battle is brewing in the Republican Party over the potential nomination of Donald Trump, as some party leaders warn they won’t back him and could support third-party or write-in candidates. — Independent candidate? 3rd Party (and what “party” would that be?) candidate? Write-in? An anybody-but-Trump Republican vote, really? What level of GOP stupidity is this? So of those Republican “leaders” are not going to support Trump if he is the nominee, how many really want to ensure another four years of Obama-like assaults on the Constitution and our liberty? How in the world could any sane person have such an extreme prejudice against Trump to cut off our collective noses in spite of our faces is beyond my comprehension. The reality is that no candidate other than one out of one of the major parties has any mathematical chance of winnng. None. Zero. Nada. No, I don’t like Trump. But I like the prospect of either Bernie or Hillary a lot less. Yes, I’m embarrassed by Trump and the entire slate on both sides of the aisle (see The Ugly Americans) but a protest vote or failing to vote at all is borne out of nothing but a visceral reaction without thought. I view the current state of the Republican party as I sometimes view the Episcopal Church — I may...

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