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The Ugly Americans

No, not a play on The Ugly American, the 1958 political novel. And not about an insensitive diplomatic corps. Caution:  <rant mode on>

The Ugly Americans now are the totally insensitive and out of control Republican presidential candidates. Couple them, the final three (I’m leaving John Kasich out, partly because although being the only one behaving with a presidential sort of demeanor, he has little chance of being nominated — at least not via the primary system). The Democrats offer no solution: a refugee from the 60’s (hey, I’m one of those) and the all-but-indicted unprincipled Hillary.

When Trump first got in the race I thought his would be a valuable voice. It was. But it now is nothing but an embarrassing appeal to our most base feelings: hatred, envy and racism. Couched as a revolt against “the establishment” Trump’s campaign is anything but that. He has manipulated the anger of the many Americans who have been harmed by decades of economic stagnation and a failure of the federal government to … govern.

Want to know all about Trump, with humor? Trump’s antics and feckless rhetoric is useless and as divisive as what Obama has done to us. His “solutions” are meaningless — a wall that Mexico pays for, really? He has said nothing of substance in the months of spewing hatred.

Now, sadly, Cruz and Rubio have taken on the Trump approach of personal attacks and insults. Until the last (CNN) debate Rubio was acting like the adult in the room and now has joined the joke routine on the campaign trail.

Embarrassing though they have become, I’ll still vote Republican in the fall. Maybe Kasich will find a path to the nomination. Maybe Rubio will come to his senses. Maybe Cruz will get off of his too-far-right litmus tests.

<rant mode off>

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