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Ban the incompetent child, not guns

The incompetent child

An incompetent child is one who grows to the age of adulthood without the coping skills to be an adult in a complex world — one that requires the utmost in personal responsibility. My definition. So what.

It is the incompetent child — regardless of chronological age — who causes harm in society and the reason why is simple. That person is under stress trying to exist in the face of family issues, financial difficulties, and just the burdens some people face getting through the day. The incompetent child will, as a coping mechanism, turn to drugs and alcohol or, increasingly, find solace in gang affiliation. Sometimes that gang is the Islamic Jihad.

When events like Sandy Hook and San Bernardino occur, the cry and hue is for gun control. The fact is that no matter what any nation does you cannot get rid of guns. Or knives or pipe bombs, or diesel and fertilizer. Australia, where guns were banned and confiscated and now has as many guns as before, proves that point and it’s a small country.

The argument for gun control is disingenuous and meant only to further divide the country. The Progressive Left has an agenda in doing so but more on that another time.

The answer is to ban the incompetent child and to do so we need to examine how a child becomes so. It’s simple.

The child who goes from cuddling to coddling and never leaves that state becomes an incompetent child and, ultimately, an incompetent adult who is unable to face the real world. The child who is not required to shoulder personal responsibility can’t be expected to do so as an adult. The child who gets the medal or trophy regardless of merit can’t be expected to cope with adversity as an adult. The child who has everything handed to it whether it’s the latest X-Box or getting to play on the team although the worst possible player, simply doesn’t know how to manage the real world.

The lion teaches the cub how to hunt at an early age. The incompetent child never learns how to hunt.

Incompetence to radicalization — the making of Farook

So now we have the incompetent “child” grown into chronological adulthood, but unable to hunt. Unable to fully care for himself. He senses despair and loss, a disconnection from society and reality. He searches.

And online, in that great morass of anything and everything both good and evil at your fingertips, he finds a love. The disaffected Farook, searching for affiliation and love (in all the wrong places) fetches the lovely Tashfeen to be his bride. She easily enters the U.S. on a fiancee’ visa.

Little does he know that Tashfeen has been trained to lure men who are susceptible to being radicalized. Little does he know that he will soon be willing to be killed, as Tashfeen already is, in the name of a fanatical group of which he has little actual knowlege — much less the knowledge that Tashfeen is but one such lure that ISIL has planted in the U.S. and elsewhere.

How better to get into the U.S., create cover and have an ally-at-arms to do harm. That’s my theory and I’m stickin’ to it.

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