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I can solve the federal budget

I’m serious. I can solve the federal budget problem without cutting any essential programs. This is a simplistic article espousing what we all know and feel. But writing it will make me feel better, and maybe it will prompt someone to speak up, to write a letter, or to discuss the problem with a neighbor. I/you/we can solve the federal budger. Here’s how.

Reduce the size of government

By that I mean reduce the breadth and depth of government by consolidating or eliminating unnecessary agencies, commissions, departments, boards, etc. That reduces the breadth of government.

Next, compress the top to bottom structure of the remaining agencies, commissions, departments, boards, etc. That reduces the depth of government.

Implicit in all of the foregoing is a drastic reduction in federal regulations. We know the devil is in the details and federal regulations are where the federal devil lives.

I know, we can’t solve the federal budget in those ways without some serious study and discussion. Never said it would be easy. The first chore will be to figure out who, where, what and why of each of those components of government. The best-known area of overlap and redundancy is in the world of welfare. The welfare system is entrenched from the top of the federal government to the bottom of local government. But someone has to figure it out, and soon, for not only the welfare system but the entirety of government.

Cut waste

Notice I did not say eliminate waste. I’m not that naive’ — at least I don’t think so. But cut it drastically which should be possible as we all hear at least weekly of crazy things like the natural gas filling station built in the Middle East only to find that there were no vehicles that could use it — so $700 per vehicle was needed for conversion. And that’s in the area where oil just bubbles out of the ground. How does such a program even get imagined, much less implemented.

I can solve the federal budget

I just did. I dare anyone to prove that following those simple steps will not reduce the annual budget and lead to a reduction of our national debt. No, it’s not simple but as a process-oriented guy, I suggest that simply taking that approach with a genuine desire to accomplish the end goal is quite realistic. It’s time to talk constantly and loudly to our elected representatives at all levels of government.


For those of you who don’t believe there is waste in government, I offer these reports.

Congressman Publishes 10 Worst Examples Of Government Waste

3 thoughts on “I can solve the federal budget

  1. Jacque Eagon

    That all sounds fine and dandy. But, it won’t work. No politician is going to voluntarily cut his pork programs. He’d loose all the election funding from those who benefit from the pork. No federal agency is going to voluntarily cut its staff. And, any politician who tries to run for office on a platform of cutting the size of government will not get elected. I’ll be the first to support the position of reducing the size of government (except the military). But, it’s just not gonna happen without some changes to the constitution. The first change would have to be ‘one idea, one bill;. No riders. The second would be term limits for all congressional offices. No more career politicians. Then, we might have a chance to reduce the size of the government and the national debit.

    1. Gil Jones Post author

      Quite true, Jacque. I think we could almost live with either career politicians or at least longer terms with limits, if the pork-barrel could be sealed off. Eliminating riders is a good start.

      1. Jacque Eagon

        It will take a grass roots attempt the amend the Constitution. Our elected reps won’t do it. And, I’m too old and too poor to start the movement.

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