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It’s Hillary’s incompetence, stupid!

Using a play on Bill Clinton’s “it’s the economy, stupid” phrase we now highlight the issue with Hillary. The important issue.

It’s not that honesty and character are not important. They are, actually No. 1 for most of us. But as a measuring tool there is a high degree of subjectivity filtering and shading the result. There exists a more objectively measured criteria in judging the former first lady’s qualification to make Bill the “First Gentlemen” and that is the question of core competence, or in this case Hillary’s incompetence.

Take the email debacle for instance. Regardless of their content we now of two issues demonstrating a lack of core competence, both of which are demonstrated by Hillary’s own words.

Firstly, the use of a private “off the books” email server. She has admitted that ‘in hindsight maybe that was not a good idea’ (paraphrasing). Presidents don’t get the luxury of hindsight — we elect them for foresight. Core failure #1.

Secondly, she protests loudly that the (as we now know escalating) numbers of classified emails passing through her private, insecure server were not thusly MARKED as classified. Really? Of all of the disingenuous, self-serving arguments I have heard lawyers make (a not insubstantial number), this tops the list. Madam Secretary has to have the information marked for her before she knows it to be classified? This is either the lamest-ever attempt at deflection our simply Core failure #2.

Notice that I have not discussed this in a pejorative mode. Objectively measured, we have two core failures of competency. It’s Hillary’s incompetence, stupid.

Then there is Benghazi. The attacked embassy was Hillary’s responsibility. It is not simply that it happened on her watch — it was her responsibility. The safety of those who died, including her ambassador, was her responsibility. Responding to the ambassador’s prior requests for better security was her responsibility. Promoting a prompt & competent response during the attack was Hillary’s job 1 at that moment. We know almost nothing about her performance in those hours — because of her incompetence, deflection and obfuscation regarding the emails.

What better indicator could we have of her qualification to lead the free world than the facts of her performance with Benghazi? And all she could say was “what difference now does it make?” Really? #FactsMatter and Hillary’s incompetence, so clearly now defined, matters.

One thought on “It’s Hillary’s incompetence, stupid!

  1. Don Bynum

    While you observations are largely right, they won’t matter unless Obama decides to throw her under the bus. Anyone not yet very aware of nor only plenty of examples of incompetence but also that no actual evidence of much competence beyond being able to ride in a private jet without hurting herself. That won’t matter to her remaining supporters.

    However if the often reported animus between the Clintons and the Obama’s manifests itself with either an endorsement or Obama allowing the FBI and DoJ to prosecute Mrs Clinton for the screwed up events involving her Clinton Foundation connected email server, then she will be prosecuted to the limits of the law unless she agrees to withdraw.

    Speculations are involved but the above scenario could esily play out.

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