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Trump for Cheerleader-in-Chief but please get out of the way for now

What is the lure of Donald Trump who has yet (as of mid-September) to suggest a real policy or solution for any specific problem?

Trump is an egomaniacal blow-hard. He admits to it and revels in the bright lights that attitude has brought to shine on him, and to outshine all of the other candidates both GOP and on the other side of the aisle. So why does he rock and roll in the polls?

Trump is rude, dismissive toward women even to the point of attempting to ridicule Carly Fiorina and then do a horrible job of trying to dismiss what he really meant. His attempt at an explanation was one that you would not accept from your small child standing in the kitchen near the cookie jar with chocolate all over the mouth. Here it was:

Trump brushed the whole thing off in an interview with Fox News on Thursday morning, explaining that he was speaking in a “jocular manner.” He further claimed that he was referring to Fiorina’s “persona” rather than her appearance.

“Probably I did say something like that about Carly,” Trump said. “I’m talking about persona. I’m not talking about look.”

— Donald Trump Insults Carly Fiorina’s Face, Er, ‘Persona.’ Yeah, Her ‘Persona.’. (n.d.). Retrieved September 12, 2015, from

Really? How does he continue to rise in the polls?

Here’s why: trump cap he is celebrating America. He is acknowledging the exceptionalism of America and cheering everyone to make her great again. I think America IS great but take no umbrage at the “again” tag. He whips up crowds when talking about improving the economy, rebuilding our reputation across the globe, creating jobs and all of the other broad platitudes that we hear from him repeatedly. He’s loud and counter-punching at every opportunity. I just heard Geraldo Rivera compare him to Floyd Mayweather, the famous boxer known for his counter-punch. Whenever asked about a serious problem, or for his solution to a specific policy area, his usual comment is “whatever” and he deflects to more loud rhetoric about making America great again and the crowd roars.

It is this behavior that has driven up his polling numbers, and which will soon take him down again as soon as a couple of the serious candidates can get some air time — which they will have to buy whereas most of Trump’s has been free coverage — and the electorate gets serious about what it takes to be president.

Trump militaryIn addition to such gaffes as the “Carly comment” we have his comment parodied here due to his comparing his prep school experience to being in the military. Really? See Donald Trump: Military School Felt Like Serving in the Military : (n.d.). Retrieved September 12, 2015, from

In spite of my tag #KillPC (which I believe I coined first in a facebook posting — I hope others will use it), he goes way, way too far.

He is loud and outrageously outspoken on “heartbeat” issues that much of the electorate (or people responding to polls) mistakes for leadership and strength. It’s not. It’s reality show showmanship.

Trump is done.

These outrageous and often rude statements, his attitude toward women exemplified by his “Carly comment” among others, and the fact that he cannot articulate one single actual plan to “make America great again” will finally rise to the surface overshadowing the jocularity over his fun time in the public eye. I predict that by Christmas he won’t be cracking 20% and won’t be higher than third in any polls, and could be in single digits by then.

Trump is suitable as CIC:  Cheerleader-in-Chief, and the sooner the electorate gets serious in how they look at candidates the sooner his tanking will occur.

The bottom line is that #CharacterMatters and his is not the character we need when the phone rings at 3am. I would not care to have a beer with him. That’s my litmus test.

2 thoughts on “Trump for Cheerleader-in-Chief but please get out of the way for now

  1. Katherine

    Love the chocolate cookie reference! That’s my go to beyond a reasonable doubt hypothetical!!!!!!

    1. Gil Jones Post author

      LOL … yes, and I’ve heard it during criminal voir dire many, many times. It helps to explain circumstantial evidence.

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