Month: July 2015

Do you want Hillary answering the phone at 3AM?

While Hillary Clinton’s email trail about the Benghazi debacle has raised a lot of (justifiable) ruckus, and while there is concern over security leaks from her email system, there is a larger concern to focus on. The real concern about Hillary is not the question of what she’s hiding in her emails, it’s her judgment in using a private email server to begin with. Even had she carefully preserved the emails and turned them all (ALL) over to the folks in charge of official archives, and even had she been immediately forthcoming and cooperative in the Benghazi probe, and even had she turned over the entire drive instead of copying emails to a thumb drive given to her lawyer, even then, the use of a personal server and mixing personal and official emails was horrible judgment. Or was it? Maybe the decision was borne simply out of the hubris, indeed the chutzpah shown over all of Hillary’s lifetime that made her use a personal server. And why? For control. And why would she want that sort of control? Simple: to control whatever message might come out of her email exchanges. And she wants us to think the server choice was merely for convenience. How many minions do you think she had available to administer her technology? A dozen? More?  Her goal was simply to preserve the ability to control...

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Lighting Candles at Camp Agape

At Camp at the end of the second day there is held a candle lighting ceremony when the center of the room has a draped table adorned with nothing but candelabra, where each camper, their buddy, and the volunteers have placed a photo of the person whom they have recently lost, or whom they particularly wish to honor this year. A counselor says a few words, lights his candle while speaking of his loved one and offers the flame to the next person. As it gets to a buddy, he goes first as an example to his camper and one by one, all of the candles are lit. It is an emotional, but healing time. I rushed off without my pictures of Melissa and Adam, but as it turned out my heart was heavy with the memories of so many family and friends that I could not have carried all the photos. Of course, Melissa was heavy on my heart along with Baby Jones, and for Jennifer – Adam. But then — even as I was trying to take a few quiet pictures, my mind turned to mom and dad, to Mimi and DanDan, Aunt Jane and Uncle Walter, JoJean, my wonderful riding buddy Robert, Granddaddy Moritz and Aunt Cora, Aunt Maggie and Uncle Joe and many others. It was as if my being was flooded by all of these angels...

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