Month: November 2014

Statesmanship: Republicans’ Mandate

Statesmanship. How sweet it would be if in our federal and state legislative halls we might find that again! Statemanship: what is it? tells us: Statesmanship — noun 1. the ability, qualifications, or practice of a statesman; wisdom and skill in the management of public affairs. Statesman — noun, 1. a person who is experienced in the art of government or versed in the administration of government affairs. 2. a person who exhibits great wisdom and ability in directing the affairs of a government or in dealing with important public issues. That to which I refer for statesman is the second definition with emphasis where I have added it. There is no directing going on and the constant distraction with lesser-important or social matters is certainly not an exhibition of wisdom.  Statesmanship neither implies nor requires a void of politics. Of course there will be politics involved, and politics need not be a 4-letter word. Politics and core principles Politics necessarily involves compromise. Indeed, in the legislative branch (hint: we have three branches of government) compromise is a mainstay of the function. Compromise is possible without compromise of core principles but objectives and principles that are not core principles can and must bend. Both of our political parties confuse “what I want” with core principles and it has led them both into “my way or the highway” approaches to dealing with one another. That is not statesmanship or any semblance of it. Statesmanship is often lost in the intersection of social engineering and essential governing.  What do I mean by “essential governing?” It is that which government is uniquely able and mandated to accomplish or regulate.  Essential governing includes protection with military and police,...

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Democrats are Gruberized

Democrats are Gruberized and they can’t brush it off or wash it off. “Gruberized” is the newest verb/adjective in the lexicon and the Democrat Party, the whole party, has been Gruberized. President Obama and every Democrat who touted and voted for the “Affordable” Care Act (ACA) is trying to run from the comments of Professor Jonathan Gruber by accusing the GOP of “fanning the flames” of his comments. No, quite the contrary. Bright lights that bring FACTS out of the shadows are so troublesome … to congenital liars. This is now DemoCare, not Obamacare.  Demo as in Democrat.  The Dems — at least the ones in Congress now who voted for and pushed the ACA — own this. It’s at their feet as much as Obama’s.  Gruber has made it clear that deceit and outright fraud lay behind the bill’s construction and we know the process was flawed (Pelosi: “have to pass it to find out what’s in it”).  Maybe the Demo Congress was simply relying on Obama who clearly knew he was pushing a flawed idea and if so they need to go — all of them — for that reason. Or they were totally complicit with him. Either way, a total house-cleaning is needed. If you haven’t been keeping up, among Gruber’s comments were that the voters are stupid, that if the individual mandate of the ACA...

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