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Motivation on steroids

motivation, time management

motivation, time management (Photo credit: Flotographic Arts)

Motivation, or the lack thereof, is a basic ingredient in every story of success or failure. I think a lot about motivation. Every once in a while something grabs me. This video did. Although it is about PTSD, I instantly thought of juvenile court and the constant need to create motivation in young people to “do better.”



In my 16 years on the District Court bench, often sitting as the Juvenile Court, I spent a lot of time trying to motivate youngsters and scratching my head on ways to do that. I often talked to them about setting goals, just set a goal and go for it and if that isn’t working, set a different one. This video, in a far more graphic way, says it a lot better than I ever did.

Thanks to Guy Taylor and a Facebook posting for putting me onto this video.

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