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Conflater in Chief — it’s the border stupid

The Conflater in Chief a/k/a President Obama continues to foist confusion on the public in every speech about immigration. He never talks about the border as a problem as in border security, but conflates “immigration reform” with doing something about the flood of people crossing our border from the South. Why am I writing about this? We’ll see.

First, recall the definition of “conflate” which is to bring together or to combine/mix two or more things. See And the synonyms? Confuse, confound, mistake.

President Clinton famously declared “it’s the economy, stupid” and he was right at that time. At this time, we should be saying “it’s the border, stupid.” Let’s be clear, there is no real need for “immigration reform.” To speak of immigration reform and equate it to border security is misleading at best. We have a system of laws and procedures for persons who want to immigrate, which means

to enter and usually become established; especially :  to come into a country of which one is not a native for permanent residence


Illegal entry is not immigration. The prospect of illegal entry requires securing the border so that we know who is coming in and thus processing them into our immigration system. The only immigration reform that Obama speaks of and seeks is amnesty for those who have breached our borders illegally. That is all well and good, and a debate for another day — after the border is secure.

The hue and cry goes up that we are a nation of immigrants. Yes we are. My first ancestor in America was John Jones from Wales. But most of our early immigrants came here through a formal process of entry. Ellis Island anyone? Our existing immigration system handles those processes.

Conflating these issues is, unfortunately, missed by most casual consumers of news. Obama knows that and uses it to great advantage. The individual who is concerned about border security hears that the problem is that the Republicans won’t do anything about immigration reform. Immigration reform has NOTHING to do with the problem of 10’s of thousands of people being encouraged by Obama to enter this country illegally. Add the visual of the mothers with young children, plus unaccompanied children — some of them now found dead, floating in the Rio Grande — and the tugs on the heart add to the confusion.

The reform he wants is amnesty and he’s already effectively accomplished that by his Executive Order to not deport certain children sooner than two years and through his Attorney General Eric Holder (now the chief trumpeter of the “race card”) refusing to uphold the federal laws against illegal entry into this country.

The news media also conflates issues. There is immigration and then there is illegal entry. See the snippets referenced below.

Why did I bother to write the obvious? Because I believe that most people miss how conflation of issues is destroying the ability to have honest discourse on the distinct issues. Talking heads on TV speaking over one another and 5-second sound bites leave many folks wondering simply “why don’t ‘they’ do something about this?”

Don’t let the Conflater in Chief get away with it. Confront people who argue by conflating issues. Border security is still job one.

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