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Incompetence and The Impeachment Delusion

Please, chill the impeachment rhetoric! Sarah (be clear, I like her plain-spoken manner) and others do no good for either the GOP or the political narrative of today. Yes, Obama is an incompetent president and proves it daily. Nevertheless, the advice in this column should be listened to:

One unfortunate reality of modern politics is the right-left mutually reinforcing media echo chamber. The most extreme voices on either side broadcast the most outrageous statements of the other side as a way to define their opposition and attract attention to themselves. This is the way to understand the flurry of fever-swamp chatter about impeaching President Obama.

via The Impeachment Delusion – WSJ.

I too want to stomp my feet and scream at the top of my lungs, be it at Obama, a TV/radio pundit, a Senator, Congressman, or Agency head (IRS, EPA, or any other collection of letters). Collectively, federal government is incompetent and we as a people, as voters, are incompetent as well.

We’ve lost our way on many fronts. History is not required in many high school curricula. Children don’t even learn to write in cursive. Few citizens serve in the military and thus miss the opportunity for service to and appreciation of, this country. We have career politicians instead of citizen representatives for our representative republic. Compounding the career politician problem is that they leave their communities and become detached from the real world where their constituency lives.

We know that the government closest to the people governs the best. With our politicians being so removed, physically and philosophically, they are doomed to the incompetency which is demonstrated daily. And Obama is as detached as a president could possibly be, thus his extraordinary level of incompetence. He had no experience to qualify him for the job and the result should be no surprise. That, combined with his detached (indeed aloof) demeanor regarding “the people” results in such atrocities as, literally, drinking beer and playing pool while the Texas border is being invaded. Only a couple of hundred miles from the scene of the crimes which he is sworn to uphold, he spends all of his time raising money. Just as with the Benghazi talking points which were purely a political dream scenario, his decisions are borne from politics, not governance.

Yes, he is infuriating but it’s not an impeachable offense even if you stack all of his atrocities high and wide.

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