Motivation on steroids

motivation, time management
motivation, time management (Photo credit: Flotographic Arts)

Motivation, or the lack thereof, is a basic ingredient in every story of success or failure. I think a lot about motivation. Every once in a while something grabs me. This video did. Although it is about PTSD, I instantly thought of juvenile court and the constant need to create motivation in young people to “do better.” Continue reading “Motivation on steroids”

Common Core Educational Standards: a Dissection

Common Core - Coring Out Your Child's Brain
Common Core – Coring Out Your Child’s Brain (Photo credit: rich_french77Amber)

I was recently asked my opinion about Common Core whereupon I realized that most of my knowledge was anecdotal. This Saturday I met a teacher from Louisiana who was recently retired — motivated by disgust from dealing with Common Core’s inaccuracies. This graphic sums up the usual discussion I hear on the street. I resolved to research it. Continue reading “Common Core Educational Standards: a Dissection”

Conflater in Chief — it’s the border stupid

The Conflater in Chief a/k/a President Obama continues to foist confusion on the public in every speech about immigration. He never talks about the border as a problem as in border security, but conflates “immigration reform” with doing something about the flood of people crossing our border from the South. Why am I writing about this? We’ll see. Continue reading “Conflater in Chief — it’s the border stupid”

Cloward-Piven Assault on the Border

The Cloward-Piven assault. Calling it a strategy gives it undue legitimacy. This is the best single article explaining the nature and origin of Obama’s “Hope and Change” that I have ever seen. It explains the purpose and tactic fundamental to the destruction of America that Obama and the Progressive left are overseeing. Continue reading “Cloward-Piven Assault on the Border”