Month: May 2013

What my mother gave me, besides …

I was recently challenged by a ?friend? to think of something my mother gave me, besides love,laundry and lunch. An object. Something tangible. And to write a paragraph about it. This ?friend? (you know who you are Annie) said she was giving this assignment only to her scholarly friends, but was giving it to me anyway: to write about what my mother gave me. There were, of course, the usual things like my first bicycle, that red wagon, the little tractor you could almost sit on … made of wood. But those were given me by both parents. I wandered in 1962 from the dry plains of West Texas to the plush environment of Austin (yes, there was water and wood and it was wet back then) to attend the University of Texas. I was rushed, among others, by guys from Big Spring who were KA’s, members of the Kappa Alpha Order fraternity and I wound up pledging KA and had a marvelous time. It was a tremendous experiment in socializing this kid from West Texas and in testing the balance between a social life and academics. KA helped with both. But what does that have to do with what my mother gave me? My mother had beautiful hands. Everyone in the extended family talked about her hands. I remember those hands with fingernails that were always manicured and...

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The “line” versus the facts

No original work here, just wanting to memorialize this clear delineation of the “line” coming from the Obama administration versus news reports that appear to be factually accurate. This summary appeared on the Paula Priesse Facebook account. OK, just for discussion-sake I’ll concede that she might be viewed as a way right-wing commentator. So what. Facts are facts. Don’t read any further if facts confuse you. May 1st – The headlines below are all within the last 24 hours. Honest. It makes one wonder, what exactly did the Obots expect from re-electing their hero? 1) A stronger economy? a) WA Post: US private employers add just 119K jobs in April, fewest in 7 months b) Reuters: Nearly half of US college grads are underemployed 2) Lower taxes? WA Post: Analysis of Obama’s budget finds a higher tax burden for most Americans (4/22) 3) Foreign policy leadership? a) Fox News: Obama walks back ‘red line’ stance on Syrian government using chemical weapons b) WA Post: Iraq on the brink – again 4) Less terrorism/better security? a) USA Today: Boston police arrest 3 more suspects in bombing case b) Daily Mail: Saudi Arabia warned the United States IN WRITING about Boston Bomber & finally 5) Greater transparency? WA Examiner: Issa – New Benghazi hearing will ‘expose new facts’ Obama ‘has tried to suppress’ Conclusion So only one question remains. What’s more frightening?...

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