Month: February 2013

Drug Courts Work — how they work and why — and why they are necessary

Drug courts and other specialty courts (mental health, veterans, etc) are effective.  Here is but one example of an actual message received from a former participant in the 33rd Judicial District Court’s Drug Court program which I created in 2005: Hi judge jones!! Remember me I was in your drug court? Well partially…lol…just thought you might like an update on me…I’m way  better!! Still an addict…always will be…but I have been clean for 18 months now…had a slip or two…I moved to XXXXX…very happily married my life now…I have finally accepted and forgiven my past…my mistakes have made me who I have become…thank you for your help, guidance, and o …thanks for incarcerating me!! No really!!! I wouldn’t have come this far without the horrid safpf experience.  Best wishes to you!! And thanx again…I will always remember the impact you made in my life This is from a person who was very seriously addicted. She received a couple of progressive sanctions — a day in jail, several days in jail, then some more days — until it became apparent that only intensive inpatient treatment would help her. She did it the hard way, but was ultimately successful in Drug Court. The “safpf” mentioned is the Substance Abuse Felony Punishment Facility which is the best drug treatment money the State has ever spent. Unfortunately, the Legislature has cut down...

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Bring prayer back — everywhere …

  (updated to include full invocation) I will not here bore wrong-headed fools with the arguments emanating from the Declaration of Independence, nor from the Constitution of the United States. No greater argument for the justification of prayer in America, universally practiced and honored among all faiths, can be made than that which was prayed today in the ceremony awarding the Congressional Medal of Honor to Staff Sgt. Clinton Romesha (Ret.). An excerpt: “We pause to recognize men of valor who were in readiness for the conflict when the Battle of Kamdesh came upon them. Their sacred story is one of life and of death, of selfless service faithfully rendered at the moment of truth, and it rightly belongs to that small band of Black Knights. As a Nation grateful for the “…spirit of the men who follow and of the man who leads…” we offer our gratitude for the actions of those men that day, and for the actions of “…an intense guy, short and wiry.” – Army Chief of Chaplains (MG) Rutherford, Medal of Honor invocation. SSG Romesha invocation audio. click the link to hear. This, an invocation on the occasion of celebrating a real American hero while remembering and honoring those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, is appropriate. This is required. This is essential. This custom of praying on a solemn occasion, and sometimes simply on an...

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