Month: October 2012

Hurricane spawns tornado in Bertram, rips up flea market in park

Just as the stream of evacuees from the hurricane that hit the Gulf Coast on Saturday was hitting the outskirts of Marble Falls, a tornado touched down near downtown Bertram.  A busy flea market in the park on the edge of Bertram was full of canopies, trailers, vehicles, and, hundreds of people. The tornado caught them all out in the open, tossing vehicles, people, equipment and tables in all directions. Dozens of people were injured or trapped. The first help to the scene was from the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).  Initial search and rescue was undertaken by CERT and triage of the casualties began. The “hams” of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES®) for the Highland Lakes had already been activated to assist with communications regarding the evacuee traffic, and was able to divert a unit to Bertram to provide communications. All telephone, cell phone, and commercial power was disrupted and the hams provided the only means of communication. Numerous casualties were found ranging from the walking wounded to fatalities. South of Marble Falls on U.S. Hwy 281 the ARES unit had the Highland Lakes Amateur Radio Club’s well-equipped communications trailer deployed as a communications and check-in point to relay special evacuee needs to “Shelter Command” — the Marble Falls police department’s mobile command bus that was stationed at the shelter in the Marble Falls High School. Communications...

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Fiscal cliff looming includes personal tax hikes for everyone

The fiscal cliff includes tax hikes The “fiscal cliff” composed of many elements is much in the news. Part of that is an increase in many taxes — not only income taxes on the “rich” — which will affect everyone in one way or another. The purpose of this writing is to attempt some plain language discussion of these matters and to assemble a variety of sources from all sides of the politics involved. (update: super set of charts – very understandable) Below you will find a collection of snippets from authoritative sources regarding the “fiscal cliff” and in particular the expiring tax cuts. click here  At the very bottom of the article you will find links to a number of other selected articles. What comprises the fiscal cliff One factor pushing toward the fiscal cliff is the failure of the federal government to address spending excesses leading to continued annual deficits and the exploding national debt. Everyone in Washington is to blame for the crisis, democrats and republicans alike, in Congress and the Whitehouse. Budget sequestration (an odd way of labeling it I thought) is impending which causes an automatic $55 billion in cuts to social services and $55 billion to the defense budget, thus creating an instantaneous push of those sectors over the fiscal cliff.  Many writings and commentaries are also ongoing on the possible effects of...

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