Month: December 2011

Teens’ dreams of a future — how to foster — a public challenge

Many teenagers have no dream about their future and therefore have no life goals, and the drifting often leads to juvenile delinquency. How do we foster teens’ dreams of a future? (rejuvenating this posting which earlier appeared on Facebook and a local forum — if reading this on Facebook, please go to the blog to comment). Overview of the Teens’ Dreams problem OK, this will be long, but worth the read. As your district judge I am also the juvenile judge. The juvenile justice system in Texas has jurisdiction of children from the age of 10 to 18, and has as it’s primary purpose the rehabilitation of a child who has engaged in delinquent conduct. Sometimes the community safety issue requires more than simply the rehab effort but that is always the initial priority. A common problem is with kids who are bored, lack direction, have no sense of belonging, and can’t imagine a future beyond tomorrow and the next _____ (fill in blank with whatever time period — usually a short horizon — floats their boat). I have seen articles stating that everyone has dreams, but not equal opportunities. I challenge that notion and assert that if a youngster has no dream of a future then whatever opportunity exists will not be utilized. The stories one hears of a disadvantaged youth who succeeded always start with a desire for more...

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Facebook Timeline – what is it? Dangers?

The critical info about Facebook Timeline:  Once you get Facebook Timeline, you’ll have 7 days before anyone else can see it. This gives you a chance to get your timeline looking the way you want before other people see it. That is also a very short period of time to clean things up if you need to. See the official announcement at The quick advice about Facebook Timeline Pay attention and get ready for it. While it is likely to be very “interesting” for most people, it could also, I think, be way TOO interesting ABOUT some folks. Will you be one of those whose Facebook Timeline presents a part of your Facebook life that you had forgotten about — and hoped others had as well? Need examples perhaps close to home? If there is a photo album of you drinking in college that was posted several years ago, which you assumed no one would find, now is the time to go back and un-tag yourself. If you posted status updates ranting about a bad boss or said something controversial about a political issue, go back and delete it or select the option to remove it from Timeline. It’s easier now than ever before to unearth these details. via Facebook Timeline: What You Need to Know – TheStreet. (accessed 17 DEC 2011) I present some brief “must do” steps but...

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All you ever wanted to know about federal implied preemption but were afraid to ask

Widespread interest exists in the Arizona law known as “S.B. 1070” which may be about to get to the US Supreme Court.  The constitutional question is one of federal implied preemption. Of course, this interest is acute in Texas and the Southwest but I would think that states formerly thinking they were immune from the problems of illegal immigration now realize that it’s everywhere. Otherwise why are there protests in Minneapolis against the law? What is federal implied preemption Here is a very simple explanation of federal implied preemption. The Supremacy Clause of the US Constitution provides that where federal law and state law clash, federal law wins. They can “clash” if federal law preempts state law which can be done explicitly or impliedly. If a federal statute states that it preempts state law, then you know. In many situations there is no federal law at all similar to state law and thus there is no question. But if there is a federal law dealing with the same general subject matter but the federal statute does state that it preempts the states, then the question of whether there is an implication that it does. The referenced article goes into more detail. Will the Supreme Court hear it and what is the issue? This article has an excellent explanation of federal implied preemption and sets out very clearly the issues involved...

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Learned Helplessness — You Are Not So Smart

I love this site. It is chock full of situations we’ve all noticed, if not experienced. You may find a jewel in here that helps you to understand your own behavior or that of people around you. Ever observed Learned Helplessness? Have you been guilty of Learned Helplessness? What is Learned Helplessness? Studies of the clinically depressed show that when they fail they often just give in to defeat and stop trying. The average person will look for external forces to blame when they fail the mid-term. They will say the professor is an asshole, or they didn’t get enough sleep. Depressed people will blame themselves and assume they are stupid. Do you vote? If not, is it because you think it doesn’t matter because things never change, or politicians are evil on both sides, or one vote in several million doesn’t count? Yeah, that’s learned helplessness. via Learned Helplessness « You Are Not So Smart. Related articles Let’s Learn to be a Helpless one . . . ( Life is a Back Road, Not an Interstate ( Staying Strong When It’s All Going Wrong ( Learned Optimism – repost ( Thoughts on thinking about action…. ( Recent Possibly Related External Links SELF ESTEEM AND SELF EFFICACY, WHAT THEY MEAN FOR … Basic Information You Need To Learn About Learned helplessness Learned fretfulness and just how it influences your health generally … Like this:Like...

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Study of the Day: Men Forgo Their Vices When They Become Fathers – Hans Villarica – Life – The Atlantic

Fatherhood independently predicted decreases in crime and substance use. Men who became parents well into their 20s and early 30s exhibited greater reductions than men who had their first child in their teens or early 20s. via Study of the Day: Men Forgo Their Vices When They Become Fathers – Hans Villarica – Life – The Atlantic. Turns them away from being tough guys? I would love to have confidence in that idea. In fact, I have seen it happen with probationers in our Drug Court program where I continue to see them twice monthly for a minimum of a year. But, sadly, those instances are small in number, a quantity that pales in comparison to the numbers indicted for family violence (which is typically accompanied by alcohol or drug abuse), the numbers in divorce court flavored with substance abuse and financial ruin, the numbers of men and women alike literally abandoning their children in favor of drugs and alcohol — and the resulting criminal episodes, the numbers of (mainly) fathers in child-support court mounting support arrearages in the $10’s of thousands — often because they have not foregone their vices. An appalling fact of life is the abandonment by legions of men of their traditional roles as the stalwarts of the family — the breadwinners and protectors. I’ve written about one aspect of non-manly behavior before in regard to...

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