It huffed and it puffed and it …

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There they are, finally. At 8:22 there were only three of us present and ready to go. I made my usual early appearance and was able to take my time getting ready. What to wear? Temps are going to vary but right now I’m cold. Yes, John, I know that I will warm up as I ride but right now I’m cold. Light, sleeveless windbreaker … no, go with the full windbreaker. I can always take it off. Continue reading “It huffed and it puffed and it …”

An enigmatic view of China

The topic de rigueur is the blasting of China in every imaginable way:  theft of trade secrets, the imminent owning of America, trade imbalance, stealing of our manufacturing base, and more. The current political “debates”1 apparently require a load of diatribes against the Chinese. Coffee shop talk echoes with it. Continue reading “An enigmatic view of China”

  1. Only an ignorant person would call those debates