Month: October 2011

A funny thing happened on the way to …

We were about 40+ miles into the ride, and around 14 miles past the site of the Great Cherokee Burger Raid of Oct 29 when it happened. It was a gorgeous day with not even a whisper of a hint of condensed water vapor in the sky. “Severe clear” is sometimes the term used by the aviation weather folks in casual dialogue with pilots who ask the dumb question. The route from the Bluffton area, over CR216 and on to TX16, is in seriously country, country. The recently refurbished church which now serves as the Lone Grove Community Center...

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Updated subscribed list to the blog

My apologies to those of you who had previously subscribed to the blog and were left behind when I moved it from being hosted on, over to self-hosting using the open source software at I have also added a few folks directly to the list and if you are one of those and wish to UNsubscribe, just let me know. There is a new post which you might find slightly entertaining entitled: I may be ready to write a really funny book Best, Gil Like this:Like...

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I may be ready to write a really funny book

I think that I’ve now had enough pain which, according to some is necessary in order to write a funny book.1 The plan was hatched months ago when ace cycling-buddy and former high school classmate Don Bynum┬ástarted laying out routes for a Century Ride.2 I didn’t pay much attention to the notion at first. I should have. (Update: Enjoy Don Bynum’s photo-rich account of this epic ride. Have added some photos from Don’s blog.) The Plan Eventually the route from the West side of Lake Buchanan to Junction, Texas was determined and within a matter of days the plan...

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Why do you do what you do?

I’m talking about both vocationally and recreationally. Or regarding your family, your god, your friends or in relationship to any other phase of your life. Why do you do, what you do? Have you ever really thought about it or are you on auto-pilot-robot mode? I will talk about my own circumstances with just work and play. It frankly is much simpler with work. In my work as a state district judge the answer came easily from the time I first considered running for office, but it was not such a simple exercise in my earlier lives (private practice,...

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Kill a citizen-terrorist, then make a condolence call. Why am I confused?

The U.S. State Department made a phone call to the family of Al Qaeda propagandist Samir Khan to offer the government’s condolences on his death during a U.S. drone strike in Yemen, a department spokesman confirms. via Family Of Al Qaeda’s Samir Khan Gets ‘Condolence Call’ From U.S. State Department | Fox News. According to the article this guy was at least an Al Qaeda sympathizer — and I think could be said to have given aid and comfort to the enemy — and was killed in the same drone strike that took out Anwar Al-Awlaki who was the actual target. Khan is described as an Al Qaeda blogger but it is reasonable to assume he was more than that since he was in the company of Al-Awlaki in Yemen (remember Yemen, where the USS Cole was attacked in the harbor?). So here is what we have: ┬áthe strike targeted Al-Awlaki, a US citizen whom I have argued was killed in violation of the US Constitution and collaterally took out a second US citizen. Not a sympathetic character to be sure and it probably cannot be said that his Fifth Amendment rights were violated because he was, apparently, not killed on purpose. Thus we accidentally kill this Khan fellow and, while knowing him to be an “Al Qaeda propagandist” and possibly a really bad sort of dude (aren’t we...

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