Month: September 2011

Felt like Fall, so let’s ride the Fall Creek Loop

I stepped outside at 6am and it was a mere 60 degrees! Wow, fall may be on the way. Big  plans had been made for a cycling adventure with Don Bynum, Richard Golladay, Mike Clark and anyone else who might show up. First stop: take on fuel at Atwoods Cafe. Whole grain pancakes with sugar-free syrup and two strips of turkey bacon. Oh, and the usual dose of BS with my coffee, but I digress. The route was RR2147 East to Burnet CR404 and the “back way” toward Spicewood, then CR408 crossing TX71, then Fall Creek Rd around to...

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ExxonMobil’s earnings: The real story you won’t hear in Washington | ExxonMobil’s Perspectives Blog

It’s time for our leaders to stop playing politics with the energy industry and to start working for solutions that will take the pressure off household budgets and enhance our energy security. From (accessed 9/22/11) Perhaps my view of this is from growing up in West Texas just a few miles from an oil refinery, and thinking that an oil well pump-jack bobbing up and down on the horizon was a beautiful site. Perhaps I like this article because a major source of Texas state revenue is from oil and gas severance taxes. This article contains a great deal of factual information and deserves a careful read.   Recent Possibly Related External Links ExxonMobil’s earnings: The real story you won’t hear in Washington … Exxon to Offload North Sea Assets | Gamut News Should Ghana give licence to Shell to explore oil in the country … ExxonMobil Chemical to Build World-Scale … – Oil and Energy News New Fields May Propel Americas to Top of Oil Companies’ Lists … Like this:Like...

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Migration of my WordPress blog to self-hosted server

It’s complete … or mostly so. This blog has been run on (wp-com) until now. That is a (mostly) free blogging platform, and by far the best (IMHO) of many. There are additional charges for extra space, custom domain name (like and more. And it simply works with little muss or fuss. But it has limitations nevertheless. A technical one is that on wp-com you cannot embed another web page that uses iframes. A favorite application uses iframes, that being Trip Journal. Click here for an example of that. A financial limitation is that hosting videos costs $49 annually on wp-com. And if you go for their video hosting, additional space (and $$$) will be required. There is an alternative to run the WordPress software on a hosting service and have more control over the details. The WordPress software is available for free from (wp-org) and is run in a self-hosted fashion on a web host such as I chose them because they are a wp-org recommended host and they have unlimited storage space and bandwidth at a reasonable price. As with any self-hosted solution there are downsides. I previously had a content management system style of blog running on Drupal open source software and went to WordPress to avoid the maintenance problems. The wp-org solution has the same problems in configuration but avoids the...

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Ride the Burnet, Joppa, Lake Victor Loop

This trip, June 27, 2011 was recorded via Trip Journal, a nifty multi-media, GPS-recorded, annotating application on my DROID X smartphone.  Be sure to click the button to view full screen.   Related articles Sprightly Software Discounts Trip Journal for Business on iPad/iPhone ( Like this:Like...

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