How did Hewlett-Packard (HP) die so quickly?

The notebook is connected to the wireless acce...
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It may not be totally dead yet, but I hear the death rattle.

Once a powerhouse of innovative engineering, one wonders how HP blundered so badly with the tablet idea — the TouchPad — (proprietary WebOS operating system did not help), crater the PC division, and apparently come to have systemic problems company-wide. Continue reading “How did Hewlett-Packard (HP) die so quickly?”

Hot ride on Fall Creek loop

Whether you call these the dog days of summer, the hot days, awful hot days … or whatever ….  A nice cycling trip through the Texas Hill Country makes everything be just alright!  You just have to start early and try to escape the main heat.

I am fortunate to have a number of good cycling companions in the area.  I had the same good fortune with motorcycling, but there is something about sweating together that creates an extra-special bond.  And so it was that John Chalmers and I set out today to do a little sweating together.  We cranked at 7:42am and it was already 88 degrees! Continue reading “Hot ride on Fall Creek loop”