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Burn all the textbooks!

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They are heavy, hard to update, and expensive as the dickens to get revisions done while killing countless trees. You have to go to a computer or other books for cross-referenced works and you cannot (or are not supposed to) make notes in the margins.

So burn the textbooks and go electronic. It makes SO much sense.

Clearwater, Florida – Clearwater High School students enter a new technology era and they are the first in the country to lay the groundwork for other schools to follow.

Clearwater High School students file into the auditorium the wait is nearly over. After a bit of paperwork, each student is assigned a Kindle.

“Now I get to carry this instead of textbooks,” says one student. All 2,100 students are the first in the country to trade in their English and Math books, science workbooks and several novels for the 8×5″ e-reader weighing just 10 ounces.

via Clearwater High School students trade textbooks for Kindles | Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Sarasota |

Materials supplementing the textbook can be added. A student who is homebound, temporarily or permanently can receive all of the materials. The internet is accessible for students to do projects and take tests online.

I would use a full-fledged tablet or a Barnes & Noble Nook, but the step taken by the Florida school with the Kindle is sure a step in the right direction.

2 thoughts on “Burn all the textbooks!

  1. Butch Kemper

    Yeah, but if I drop my text book, I just dust it off and keep going. The Kindle will be toast.


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