Month: February 2011

Families get the 411 on sexting risk –

The 16-year-old girl, smitten with her adult boyfriend, e-mailed him naked pictures of herself. When she wanted to break up with Clarence Hurt of Terrace Park, Ohio, though, he threatened to share those pictures with the world in cyberspace unless she had sex with him. via Families get the 411 on sexting risk – Others are starting to do programs such as that which we recently enjoyed in Burnet County. So kudos to Eddie Arredondo and Kathryn McAnally at the County Attorney’s office, and our Juvenile Probation Dept. for the 33rd/424th Juvenile Districts headed by Marc Bittner, Juvenile Chief. Parents now need to get serious about their role in educating kids on the dangers of all of the electronic mediums, not just sexting. The internet and cell phones generally represent windows into a world into which you do not want your children to venture. They must be educated (and convinced) to make the right choices and not pick that “other door.” Special attention must be paid by parents to Facebook, MySpace, cell phone texting, location programs such as Foursquare and HootSuite, and any other electronic “presence” of your child outside of your control. An example: from the taking and transmitting of ONE photo by a minor to ONE other person, I recently authorized 21 search warrants for cell phones for which there was probable cause to believe they...

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Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics

How Inflation Could Be 66% Higher Than the Fed Reports – DailyFinance Mark Twain was right. As most everyone knows, I’m sort of a numbers guy. I have also had a course in statistics and have used them. They can be useful. The CPI is one you should question and this article tells why. Just this morning at breakfast, my rancher friend Tommy was saying that the price for calves was as high as it had ever been. That is more the reality you and I are experiencing and here’s why: Global food prices are at an all-time high,...

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Burn all the textbooks!

They are heavy, hard to update, and expensive as the dickens to get revisions done while killing countless trees. You have to go to a computer or other books for cross-referenced works and you cannot (or are not supposed to) make notes in the margins. So burn the textbooks and go electronic. It makes SO much sense. Clearwater, Florida – Clearwater High School students enter a new technology era and they are the first in the country to lay the groundwork for other schools to follow. Clearwater High School students file into the auditorium the wait is nearly over. After a bit of paperwork, each student is assigned a Kindle. “Now I get to carry this instead of textbooks,” says one student. All 2,100 students are the first in the country to trade in their English and Math books, science workbooks and several novels for the 8×5″ e-reader weighing just 10 ounces. via Clearwater High School students trade textbooks for Kindles | Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Sarasota | Materials supplementing the textbook can be added. A student who is homebound, temporarily or permanently can receive all of the materials. The internet is accessible for students to do projects and take tests online. I would use a full-fledged tablet or a Barnes & Noble Nook, but the step taken by the Florida school with the Kindle is sure...

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For my 67th year I … Uh, WHAT was I thinking?

Saturday, Feb 12, 2011 and it is a cold, clear day. Couple of weeks until the 67th anniversary of my day of birth. Dang, it’s colder than forecast, hoping it warms soon. The ride that Don laid out yesterday will be a good one. Now I am wondering about that life goal I set — the one about riding my years in miles each birthday. Since I usually won’t be able to do that on the exact date this can be the day for this year. We are both confident we can do the 67, 68 should be just...

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If I hear one more butchering of our National Anthem, then … Grrrr

Damn it! It is bad enough to “stylize” a traditional song but then to forget the words?  Christina Aguilera totally flubbed it at the 45th Super Bowl, and even had she not flubbed the words, it was still awful! Here is a partial report on the “happening” in case you missed it: Christina Aguilera made some star-spangled flubs singing America’s national anthem at the Super Bowl. Did you catch her performance, or is that when you raced to the kitchen to replenish the guacamole? She mumbled some lines and moved others around to places in the song where they shouldn’t be. One thing is sure: She was no Whitney Houston. Remember Ms. Houston’s performance of “The Star-Spangled Banner” at the Super Bowl in 1991? Back then, the US armed forces had not participated in major combat for many years – but the air-assault portion of the Gulf War had just started. The nation was in a highly patriotic mood. Houston, who has had her own challenges since then, gave an emotional rendition of the song, and it remains one of her career highlights. So why didn’t the Christina Aguilera national anthem match Houston’s? We’ve got two personal opinions as to what happened. First, she was trying too hard. Way too hard. She appeared to be auditioning for the part of Aretha Franklin in a biopic. She was all gesture...

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