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Bertram Loop 28.5 miles — so much data, so little time

Click here to view the online dataset for Bertram Loop 28.5 miles at Garmin Connect

It’s just one of at least 3 places I save data from runs and rides.  The Garmin Forerunner 305 “sport watch” comes with it’s own software, then there is Sporttracks and its various add-ons that escalates the amount of data analysis and logging, and now this site. I had forgotten about Garmin Connect until Don Bynum posted a “like” on Facebook to another person’s track.

Santa Claus brought me a Garmin Cadence Sensor (GCS-10) that for the bike adds the data of the cadence, i.e. the rpms of the pedals.  To top all of that — if such be possible — I have both the FR-305 AND a Garmin Oregon 400t (originally acquired for geocaching) mounted atop the Scattante 570 bicycle, and recording the data in parallel.

On Christmas morning, having dragged the bike into the living room in order to mount the cadence sensor to the chain stay, Jennifer was watching, quietly and thoughtfully, when she finally just had to ask the obvious question:  “Why do you need this?”  Implicit in that question is the larger inquiry of “what do you do with all of the data collected?”

The simple answer is that I can analyze it in order to figure out how to be a better cyclist or runner.  My response to her, after a bit of a pause, was “look at it.”  Both responses are correct. The problem now is how to figure out what the data means. That takes more effort than simply looking at it, either in realtime or in the logs.

I did find yesterday, riding with the cadence output for the first time, that I really did not know what my cadence was. I decided (arbitrarily) to target an 80 rpm cadence and typically found that I was often pedaling faster than I thought and thus needed to shift up a gear. The trick now will be to find out what my most optimum (read: able to pedal farther without dying!) cadence is.

In the meanwhile, I’ll just look at the data.

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